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“Westfield” 169 Legrams Lane, Bradford, BD7 2EA

About The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB)

The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) is the largest representative body for Ukrainians and those of Ukrainian descent. It exists to develop, promote and support the interests of the Ukrainian community in the UK.

AUGB operates a network of 28 local branches, with their own social/cultural centre, across the UK. There are also 19 smaller branches and sub-branches which do not have their own centre, but organise periodic events for Ukrainians in their area. At local level, we support Ukrainian Community Schools, Day Centres and a range of cultural and social activities.

AUGB works closely with other community organisations, including the Association of Ukrainian Women (AUW), youth organisations and others. We have a working relationship with the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom.

The Association welcomes new members, both individuals and corporate bodies, who subscribe to the purposes of the Association and who want to maintain and develop the life and interests of the Ukrainian community in Great Britain. The Association’s local branches provide lots of opportunities for people to become involved and make a difference: helping to run the community center, organising social and cultural events, raising awareness of Ukrainian issues externally, and helping maintain pride in our heritage and traditions. We encourage you to become a member – get involved – make a difference!

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Press notice – 30 Anniversary Ukraine’s Independence 24 August 1991. 

Thirty years ago, on 24 August 1991, Ukraine’s Parliament issued a Declaration of Independence, which was subsequently confirmed in a referendum on 1 December by an overwhelming 92.3% of Ukrainians on a national turnout of over 84%. This included over 80% of those who voted in eastern provinces of Ukraine and well over 50% of those in Crimea.

The last 30 years have shown the determination of Ukrainians to fight for their independence and create a new future based on European values and respect for social justice and human rights. In 2004 and again in 2014, the Ukrainian people showed that they would never give up their identity as a sovereign nation, even at the cost of their own lives.

While we celebrate today, our celebrations are tinged with sadness – for the lives lost defending Ukraine from Russia’s war in the east, for our Crimean Tatar brothers and sisters whose human rights are being violated following Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, and for all those who have lost their families and homes from Russia’s continued and unwarranted aggression. We also acknowledge the help and practical support Ukraine has received from the UK Government, amongst others, to strengthen our defensive capabilities and develop Ukraine’s democratic institutions.

Ukraine stands on the border between the democratic West and the totalitarian Russian state. It reminds us that democracy and respect for human rights is a cause that is worth fighting for. As the Ukrainian national anthem says: We will lay down our souls and our lives for our freedom.

On this day we stand heart and soul in solidarity with Ukrainians everywhere as we say Glory to Ukraine!

Ukrainian Club

A large Ukrainian Community has existed in Bradford since the end of the Second World War, when hundreds and thousands of displaced Ukrainians came to the city to work in the thriving mill industries. They quickly organised themselves and established organisations allowing them to purchase churches and community centres.

The first community centre was in Claremont, Great Horton.  However, the community soon outgrew these premises and a new centre was purchased on Legrams Lane. The Ukrainian community continues its cultural activities, including dancing, singing and hosts a Ukrainian Saturday school.

The venue boasts two fully equipped bar areas with three fantastic function rooms, which can accommodate small and large functions up to 400 people. It also includes a modern, well equipped kitchen, classrooms and a sports court, all of which are available to hire. There is a large landscape garden to the rear. The venue has ample free parking.