Church Services: 9 – 15 April 2018

Monday 9th April

10.30 2nd day of Paskha: For the health of Pazyniak family                   – S. Dutka
13.30 Service at North Bierley Cemetery

Tuesday 10th April

10.30 3rd day of Paskha: For the health of Oleh, Yulia, Tetiana, Thomas & Hryhoriy Herasemenko and others
13.30 Service at Nabwood Cemetery
14.30 Service at Morton Cemetery, Keighley
16.00 Service at Utley Cemetery

Wednesday 11th April

10.30 +Petro, Stefan, Anna Wasyluk, +Wasyl & Anna Trush
13.30 Service at Huddersfield Cemetery: Edgerton, Lockwood

Thursday 12th April

10.30 +Petro Pazyniak and others of the family – S. Dutka

Friday 13th April 

10.30 +Mykola Panas                                                – S. Dutka

Saturday 14th April

10.30 +Lydia Szutka (40 days)                                           – Family
+Wasyl (7 AOD) and +Luba Shtokalo                       – Family
13.30 Service at North Bierley Cemetery

Sunday 15th April     Thomas Sunday – Distribution of Arts and Anointing

09.00 Intentions Stefania Dutka, Maria Makohin and Iryna Dzubak
Health of Sofia Horobec, Stefka Sadova, Bohdan and Edward
10.30 Intention of Parishioners
14.00 Health of Maria Walko, Justyna Sukha                                (Halifax)

Confessions can be heard throughout masses during the easter period.

Unless otherwise stated, all the above services are held in the “Holy Trinity and Our Lady of Pochaiv” church, Bradford