Photos From 2017

A few pictures from the last day of school for this academic year.

Ouz Bradford donations, helping to support the charity Sumna kvitka. All packages are ready and on the way.

Paska  at club, followed by coffee and cake for the oldies and an egg hunt for the young…

Photos From 2016

25th January 2015Yalynka

7 – 8 November 2014 Pyvofest 2014!

Congratulations to Ewhen Chymera and everyone involved in organising 2 great nights of success! All your hard work  really paid off! Here are a few highlights of both nights…

14 June 2014 – Zdvyh North  –  The northern region’s Zdvyh returns to Bradford from the rain across the hills. Expect an explosion of Ukrainian culture and traditions, with poems, fabulous singing and dancing!  Well done to all who took part!


20 May 2014 Svyato Materi


August 2013 Chornobyl childrens visit to Bradford


October 2011 The Ukrainians



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